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Spring and autumn are time to trek around in Lacona hills. In autumn the tematical weeks are connected to the traditional farm-activities of the family of wine and olive oil colture.
The excellent wines matured in the sun of the Island of Elba The month of September in the country tradition of the island is dedicated to the harvest and the art of winemaking.
Walking trips in search of flowers in September The climate is less hot and a few drops of rain awakens the dormant nature of the summer.
Mushrooms and chestnuts on the table The cuisine of Elba is very divers following the divers conquerer in history using all the herbs and spices, chestnuts and mushroom grown along the coast and on the fields, the macchia or in the forest.
Flowers and orchidea trekking April is the month of the flowering orchids in Lacona. Around 17 divers species of orchids have been discovered during our guided excursions in Lacona and around 40-47 species on the whole Elba Island.
Grape harvest The wine culture on Elba Island has its roots in ancient times, but we will have a short looks at recent times. Since the 40s until the beginning of the 50s the landscape on Elba island was quite diverse from its actual look, wine grapes growing on terraces were covering the foot of the hills.
Olive harvest Come with us to harvest the olives and try freshly produced olive oil "extra vergine"!