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The excellent wines matured in the sun of the Island of Elba
The wine culture on Elba Island has its roots in ancient times, but we will have a short looks at recent times. Since the 40s until the beginning of the 50s the landscape on Elba island was quite diverse from its actual look, wine grapes growing on terraces were covering the foot of the hills.

- Elba Bianco
Uva bianca

Made from tuscan Trebbiano grapes (also named Procanico), 50 % Ansonica and Vermentino, single or together up to 50%. The wine has a bright, straw colour and a gentle smell.

- Elba Asonica
White Ansonica grapes 85% and other grapes. Straw colour, dark yellow to golden. Intensive and characteristic smell, taste form dry to sweet.

- Elba rosso
Uva bianca

Sangiovese grapes at least 60%, other grapes, maximum of 40% red and 10 % white grapes. The wine is Rubin red, the smell fruity and the taste is dry.

- Elba rosso riserva
The same grapes like the one for Elba rosso, however the wine matures at least for 24 months of which at least 12 months in the barrel and 6 months in the bottle. The wine has an intense Rubin red colour and an intense perfume of red berries and spices and a dry but harmonic full body taste.

- Elba rosato
The same grapes as for Elba rosso. Has a light red colour, a fresh perfume and dry taste.

- Elba Aleatico
Typical elbanian desert wine which has an intense perfume, a dark Rubin red colour and its taste is sweet, full bodied and equilibrated.

- Elba Moscato
Its called “wine of meditation”. Based on muscatel grapes, which are air dried.