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Olive harvest
Come with us to harvest the olives and try freshly produced olive oil "extra vergine"!

The production of olive oil refers naturally to the century old tradition in Tuscany "Toscana Igp", so the elbanian olive oil combines the taste of tuscan olive oil with the parfums and aromas of the Island. The main production of olive oil takes place at Portoferraio, Capoliveri, Lacona, Mola and Porto Azzurro. Divers traditional olives are cultivated:

Frantoio (also Frantoiane)
Moraiolo (also Muraiole)

The olive tree is a plant which can easily get hundred of years old: one of its characteristics is that it can regenerate completely or for a great part when it suffers damages. It is also a plant which is always green.
Its flowers are small, white and without any smell. The fruit has an oval shape and wheights between 2-3 gramm (those which are used for the production of olive oil) and 4-5 gramm (those which are served for eating). The colour is between green to darkish violet.
There is no exact harvest time for the olives, it depends on the species: the earlier Leccino and Moraiolo) and the later (Frantoio). However the olive harvest for the production of olive oil takes normally place between mid of october until end of dicember.