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open 01.05.21 to 08.01.2022

Camping appartamenti Tallinucci

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For 60 years the family runned campsite and apartments Tallinucci is the ideal place to spend a pleasant and quiet holiday with your whole family, both parents with children as grandparents with grandsons... and which better place to organize a family-meeting among parents, children and grandsons!

FROM 01 MAI 2021 TO 08 JANUARY 2022

NEWS: The sanitary building are cleaned more times a day, now with the addiction of medical surgical aids certificated for the actual emergency. At your disposal hand-gel and products for the disinfection of surfaces before single use. Dishwashing machine.
Mask is required in closed rooms such as sanitary building and in the minimarket, as well as in shops and bar/restaurant. Social distance of 1 mt is request also at the beach.
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We'll take you on walks, hikes and boat trips to discover
the treasures of our island.
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holiday with the family
Camping appartamenti Tallinucci

The apartments Tallinucci are completely furnished for 2 to 6 persons, situated directly on the beach or in small cottages among the Mediterranean woodland and beautiful seaview from the terrace. Each apartment has a well equipped kitchen, a TV, a bathroom and a terrace mostly with seaview. In the garden there is a barbecue area and a small playground.

The shower and utility building is equipped with air conditioning and solar power heating systems. There are special areas reserved for children and disabled people.
Booking accepted from the 7th of january. We speak english.

Which better place to spend a wonderful holiday with the family between nature and sea!!!
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Discover the charm of Elba Island
Camping appartamenti Tallinucci

Almost every ancient civilisation in the Mediterranean has left its mark on Elba Island.

Starting already in prehistoric times, followed by Etruscians, Romans, Medici, Napoleon until today. The hiostory of Elba Island was always connected to iron and the mines, which work until 1982.

The island Elba was formed by the clash of two tectonic plates, followed by the rise of two chambers of magma that were made of granite. The of them, after getting rid of the sediments, turned into the massif of Monte Capanne, which is with 1019m the highest point of Elba.

Elba has a surface of 224 square-km, a coastline of 147 km and 153 beaches. The temperatures are mild and moderate, rarely getting above 30 degrees in summer and below 10 degrees in winter.
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Camping appartamenti Tallinucci

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